Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 01 Uragavagga : Chapter 07 Mettasutta

Whatever is to be done by one who is skilful in seeking (what is) good, having attained that tranquil state (of Nibbâna):--Let him be able and upright and conscientious and of soft speech, gentle, not proud,

And contented and easily supported and having few cares, unburdened and with his senses calmed and wise, not arrogant, without (showing) greediness (when going his round) in families.

And let him not do anything mean for which others who are wise might reprove (him); may all beings be happy and secure, may they be happy-minded.

Whatever living beings there are, either feeble or strong, all either long or great, middle-sized, short, small or large,

Either seen or which are not seen, and which live far (or) near, either born or seeking birth, may all creatures be happy-minded.


Let no one deceive another, let him not despise (another) in any place, let him not out of anger or resentment wish harm to another.

As a mother at the risk of her life watches over her own child, her only child, so also let every one cultivate a boundless (friendly) mind towards all beings.

And let him cultivate goodwill towards all the world, a boundless (friendly) mind, above and below and across, unobstructed, without hatred, without enmity.

Standing, walking or sitting or lying, as long as he be awake, let him devote himself to this mind; this (way of) living they say is the best in this world.

He who, not having embraced (philosophical) views, is virtuous, endowed with (perfect) vision, after subduing greediness for sensual pleasures, will never again go to a mother's womb.

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