Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 01 Uragavagga : Chapter 10 Vigayasutta

If either walking or standing, sitting or lying, any one contracts (or) stretches (his body, then) this is the motion of the body.

The body which is put together with bones and sinews, plastered with membrane and flesh, and covered with skin, is not seen as it really is.

It is filled with the intestines, the stomach, the lump of the liver, the abdomen, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the spleen.

With mucus, saliva, perspiration, lymph, blood, the fluid that lubricates the joints, bile, and fat.

Then in nine streams impurity flows always from it; from the eye the eye-excrement, from the ear the ear-excrement,

Mucus from the nose, through the mouth it ejects at one time bile and (at other times) it ejects phlegm, and from (all) the body come sweat and dirt.

Then its hollow head is filled with the brain. A fool led by ignorance thinks it a fine thing.


And when it lies dead, swollen and livid, discarded in the cemetery, relatives do not care (for it).

Dogs eat it and jackals, wolves and worms; crows and vultures eat it, and what other living creatures there are.

The Bhikkhu possessed of understanding in this world, having listened to Buddha's words, he certainly knows it (i.e. the body) thoroughly, for he sees it as it really is.

"As this (living body is) so is that (dead one), as this is so that (will be); let one put away desire for the body, both as to its interior and as to its exterior."

Such a Bhikkhu who has turned away from desire and attachment, and is possessed of understanding in this world, has (already) gone to the immortal peace, the unchangeable state of Nibbâna.

This (body) with two feet is cherished (although) impure, ill-smelling, filled with various kinds of stench, and trickling here and there.

He who with such a body thinks to exalt himself or despises others--what else (is this) but blindness?

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