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English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausbll
taken from

Book 02 Kulavagga : Chapter 05 Sukilomasutta

So it was heard by me:

At one time Bhagavat dwelt at Gay (seated) on a stone seat in the realm of the Yakkha S/k/iloma. And at that time the Yakkha Khara and the Yakkha S/k/iloma passed by, not far from Bhagavat. And then the Yakkha Khara said this to the Yakkha S/k/iloma: 'Is this man a Sama/n/a?'

S/k/iloma answered: 'He is no Sama/n/a, he is a Sama/n/aka (a wretched Sama/n/a); however I will ascertain whether he is a Sama/n/a or a Sama/n/aka.'

Then the Yakkha S/k/iloma went up to Bhagavat, and having gone up to him, he brushed against Bhagavat's body. Then Bhagavat took away his body. Then the Yakkha S/k/iloma said this to Bhagavat: 'O Sama/n/a, art thou afraid of me?'

Bhagavat answered: 'No, friend, I am not afraid of thee, but thy touching me is sinful.'

S/k/iloma said: 'I will ask thee a question, O Sama/n/a; if thou canst not answer it I will either scatter thy thoughts or cleave thy heart, or take thee by the feet and throw thee over to the other shore of the Ga_n_g.'

Bhagavat answered: 'I do not see, O friend, neither in this world together with the world of the Devas, Mras, Brahmans, nor amongst the generation of Sama/n/a and Brhma/n/as, gods and men, the one who can either scatter my thoughts or cleave my heart, or take me by the feet and throw me over to the other shore of the Ga_n_g. However ask, O friend, what thou pleasest.' Then the Yakkha S/k/iloma addressed Bhagavat in a stanza:


' What origin have passion and hatred, disgust, delight, and horror? wherefrom do they arise? whence arising do doubts vex the mind, as boys vex a crow?'

Buddha said: 'Passion and hatred have their origin from this (body), disgust, delight, and horror arise from this body; arising from this (body) doubts vex the mind, as boys vex a crow.

'They originate in desire, they arise in self, like the shoots of the banyan tree; far and wide they are connected, with sensual pleasures, like the mluv creeper spread in the wood.

'Those who know whence it (sin) arises, drive it away. Listen, O Yakkha! They cross over this stream that is difficult to cross, and has not been crossed before, with a view to not being born again.'

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