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English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. FausbŲll
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Book 02 Kulavagga : Chapter 12 Vangisasutta

So it was heard by me:

At one time Bhagavat dwelt at A/l/avÓ, in the temple of Agg‚/l/ava. At that time the teacher of the venerable Va_n_gÓsa, the Thera, by name Nigrodhakappa, had attained bliss not long before (a/k/iraparinibbuta). Then this reflection occurred to the venerable Va_n_gÓsa, while retired and meditating:

Whether my teacher be blessed (parinibbuta) or whether he be not blessed. Then the venerable Va_n_gÓsa, at the evening time, coming forth from his retirement went to Bhagavat, and having gone to him he sat down apart after saluting him, and sitting down apart the venerable Va_n_gÓsa said this to Bhagavat:

'Lord, while retired and meditating, this reflection occurred to me here: Whether my teacher be blessed or whether he be not blessed.'

Then the venerable Va_n_gÓsa, rising from his seat, throwing his robe over one shoulder and bending his joined hands towards Bhagavat, addressed him in stanzas:

'We ask the Master of excellent understanding: he who in this world had cut off doubt, died at Agg‚/l/ava, a Bhikkhu, well known, famous, and of a calm mind.

'The name "Nigrodhakappa" was given to that Br‚hma/n/a by thee, O Bhagavat; he wandered about worshipping thee, having liberation in view, strong, and seeing Nibb‚na.

'O Sakka, thou all-seeing, we all wish to learn (something about) this disciple; our ears are ready to hear, thou art our Master, thou art incomparable.

'Cut off our doubt, tell me of him, inform us of the blessed, O thou of great understanding; speak in the midst of us, O thou all-seeing, as the thousand-eyed Sakka (speaks in the midst) of the gods.

'Whatever ties there are in this world (constituting) the way to folly, combined with ignorance, forming the seat of doubt, they do not exist before Tath‚gata, for he is the best eye of men.

'If a man does not for ever dispel the sin as the wind (dispels) a mass of clouds, all the world will be enveloped in darkness, not even illustrious men will shine.


'Wise men are light-bringers, therefore, O wise man, I consider thee as such a one; we have come to him who beholds meditation, reveal Kappa to us in the assembly.

'Uplift quickly, O thou beautiful one, thy beautiful voice, like the swans drawing up (their necks) sing softly with a rich and well-modulated voice; we will all listen to thee attentively.

'Having earnestly called upon him who has completely left birth and death behind and shaken off (sin), I will make him proclaim the Dhamma, for ordinary people cannot do what they want, but the Tath‚gatas act with a purpose.

'This full explanation by thee, the perfectly wise, is accepted, this last clasping of the hands is well bent, O thou of high wisdom, knowing (Kappa's transmigration), do not delude us.

' Having perfectly comprehended the Dhamma of the venerable ones, do not delude (us), O thou of unsurpassed strength, knowing (everything); as one in the hot season pained by the heat (longs for) water, so I long for thy words; send a shower of learning.

'The rich religious life which Kapp‚yana led, has not that been in vain (to him), has he been (completely) extinguished; or is he still with some elements of existence (left behind)? How he was liberated, that we want to hear.'

Bhagavat: 'He cut off the desire for name and form in this world,'--so said Bhagavat,--'Ka/n/ha's (i.e. M‚ra's) stream, adhered to for a long time, he crossed completely birth and death,' so said Bhagavat, the best of the five (Br‚hma/n/as, pa/Ůk/avaggiy‚).

Va_n_gÓsa: 'Having heard thy word, O thou the best of the Isis, I am pleased; not in vain have I asked, the Br‚hma/n/a did not deceive me.

'As he talked so he acted, he was a (true) disciple of Buddha, he cut asunder the outspread strong net of deceitful death.

'Kappiya (Kapp‚yana) saw, O Bhagavat, the beginning of attachment, Kapp‚yana verily crossed the realm of death, which is very difficult to cross.'

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