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English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 03 Mahavagga : Chapter 01 Pabbaggasutta

I will praise an ascetic life such as the clearly-seeing (Buddha) led, such as he thinking (over it) approved of as an ascetic life.

' This house-life is pain, the seat of impurity,' and 'an ascetic life is an open-air life,' so considering he embraced an ascetic life.

Leading an ascetic life, he avoided with his body sinful deeds, and having (also) abandoned sin in words, he cleansed his life.

Buddha went to Rā/g/agaha, he entered the Giribba/g/a in Magadha for alms with a profusion of excellent signs.

Bimbisāra standing in his palace saw him, and seeing him endowed with these signs, he spoke these words:

'Attend ye to this man, he is handsome, great, clean, he is both endowed with good conduct, and he does not look before him further than a yuga (the distance of a plough).

'With downcast eyes, thoughtful, this one is not like those of low caste; let the king's messengers run off, (and ask): "Where is the Bhikkhu going?"'

The king's messengers followed after (him, and said): 'Where is the Bhikkhu going, where will he reside?

'Going begging from house to house, watching the door (of the senses), well restrained, he quickly filled his bowl, conscious, thoughtful.

'Wandering about in search of alms, having gone out of town, the Muni repaired to (the mountain) Pa/nd/ava; it must be there he lives.'


Seeing that he had entered his dwelling, the messengers then sat down, and one messenger having returned announced it to the king.

'This Bhikkhu, O great king, is sitting on the east side of Pa/nd/ava, like a tiger, like a bull, like a lion in a mountain cave.'

Having heard the messenger's words, the Khattiya in a fine chariot hastening went out to the Pa/nd/ava mountain.

Having gone as far as the ground was practicable for a chariot, the Khattiya, after alighting from the chariot, and approaching on foot, having come up (to him), seated himself.

Having sat down the king then exchanged the usual ceremonious greetings with him, and after the complimentary talk he spoke these words:

'Thou art both young and delicate, a lad in his first youth, possessed of a fine complexion, like a high-born Khattiya.

'I will ornament the army-house, and at the head of the assembly of chiefs (nāga) give (thee) wealth; enjoy it and tell me thy birth, when asked.'

Buddha: 'Just beside Himavanta, O king, there lives a people endowed with the power of wealth, the inhabitants of Kosala.

'They are Ādi/kk/as by family, Sākiyas by birth; from that family I have wandered out, not longing for sensual pleasures.

'Seeing misery in sensual pleasures, and considering the forsaking of the world as happiness, I will go and exert myself; in this my mind delights.'

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