Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 04 Atthakavagga - Chapter 01 Kamasutta

If he who desires sensual pleasures is successful, he certainly becomes glad-minded, having obtained what a mortal wishes for.

But if those sensual pleasures fail the person who desires and wishes (for them), he will suffer, pierced by the arrow (of pain).

He who avoids sensual pleasures as (he would avoid treading upon) the head of a snake with his foot, such a one, being thoughtful (sato), will conquer this desire.

He who covets extensively (such) pleasures (as these), fields, goods, or gold, cows and horses, servants, women, relations,

Sins will overpower him, dangers will crush him, and pain will follow him as water (pours into) a broken ship.

Therefore let one always be thoughtful, and avoid pleasures; having abandoned them, let him cross the stream, after baling out the ship, and go to the other shore.

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-- Book 04 - Chapter 01 --

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