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English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
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Book 04 Atthakavagga : Chapter 08 Pasurasutta

Here they maintain 'purity,' in other doctrines (dhamma) they do not allow purity; what they have devoted themselves to, that they call good, and they enter extensively upon the single truths.

Those wishing for dispute, having plunged into the assembly, brand each other as fools mutually, they go to others and pick a quarrel, wishing for praise and calling themselves (the only) expert.

Engaged in dispute in the middle of the assembly, wishing for praise he lays about on all sides; but when his dispute has been repulsed he becomes discontented, at the blame he gets angry he who sought for the faults (of others).

Because those who have tested his questions say that his dispute is lost and repulsed, he laments and grieves having lost his disputes; 'he has conquered me,' so saying he wails.

These disputes have arisen amongst the Sama/n/as, in these (disputes) there is (dealt) blow (and) stroke; having seen this, let him leave off disputing, for there is no other advantage in trying to get praise.


Or he is praised there, having cleared up the dispute in the middle of the assembly; therefore he will laugh and be elated, having won that case as he had a mind to.

That which is his exaltation will also be the field of his defeat, still he talks proudly and arrogantly; seeing this, let no one dispute, for the expert do not say that purification (takes place) by that.

As a hero nourished by kingly food goes about roaring, wishing for an adversary--where he (i.e. the philosopher, Di/tth/igatika) is, go thou there, O hero; formerly there was nothing like this to fight against.

Those who, having embraced a (certain philosophical) view, dispute and maintain 'this only (is) true,' to them say thou when a dispute has arisen, 'Here is no opponent for thee.'

Those who wander about after having secluded themselves, without opposing view to view--what (opposition) wilt thou meet with amongst those, O Pasûra, by whom nothing in this world is grasped as the best?

Then thou wentest to reflection thinking in thy mind over the (different philosophical) views; thou hast gone into the yoke with him who has shaken off (al1 sin), but thou wilt not be able to proceed together (with him).

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