Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 05 Parayanavagga : Chapter 09 Hemakamanavapukkha

Those who before in another world,'--so said the venerable Hemaka,--'explained to me the doctrine of Gotama, saying, "So it was, so it will be," all that (was only) oral tradition, all that (was only) something that increased (my) doubts.

'I took no pleasure in that, but tell thou me the Dhamma that destroys desire, O Muni, which if a man has understood, and he wanders about thoughtful, he may cross desire in the world.'

Buddha: 'In this world (much) has been seen, heard, and thought; the destruction of passion and of wish for the dear objects that have been perceived, O Hemaka, is the imperishable state of Nibbâna.

'Those who, having understood this, are thoughtful, calm, because they have seen the Dhamma, tranquil and divine, such have crossed desire in this world.'

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-- Book 05 - Chapter 09 --

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