Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 05 Parayanavagga : Chapter 10 Todeyyamanavapukkha

He in whom there live no lusts,'--so said the venerable Todeyya,--'to whom there is no desire, and who has overcome doubt, what sort of deliverance is there for him?'

'He in whom there live no lusts, O Todeyya,'--so said Bhagavat,--'to whom there is no desire, and who has overcome doubt, for him there is no other deliverance.'

Todeyya: 'Is he without breathing or is he breathing, is he possessed of understanding or is he forming himself an understanding ? Explain this to me, O thou all-seeing one, that I may know a Muni, O Sakka.'

Buddha: 'He is without breathing, he is not breathing, he is possessed of understanding, and he is not forming himself an understanding; know, O Todeyya, that such is the Muni, not possessing anything, not cleaving to lust and existence.'

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-- Book 05 - Chapter 10 --

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