Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Sutta Nipata
English translation by V. Fausböll
taken from

Book 05 Parayanavagga : Chapter 12 Gautukannimanavapukkha

Having heard of a hero free from lust,'--so said the venerable /G/atuka/nn/in,--'who has crossed the stream, I have come to ask him who is free from lust; tell me the seat of peace, O thou with the born eye (of wisdom), tell me this truly, O Bhagavat.

'For Bhagavat wanders about after having conquered lust as the hot sun (conquers) the earth by its heat; tell the Dhamma to me who has (only) little understanding, O thou of great understanding, that I may ascertain how to leave in this world birth and decay.'

'Subdue thy greediness for sensual pleasures, O /G/atuka/nn/in,'--so said Bhagavat,--'having considered the forsaking of the world as happiness, let there not be anything either grasped after or rejected by thee.

'What is before thee, lay that aside; let there be nothing behind thee; if thou wilt not grasp after what is in the middle, thou wilt wander calm.

'For him whose greediness for name and form is wholly gone, O Brâhma/n/a, for him there are no passions by which he might fall into the power of death.'

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-- Book 05 - Chapter 12 --

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